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Someone with a criminal conviction in their past may pose a direct threat to you, your family or your customers. For safety and security you need to know the criminal conviction history of anyone you allow into your home or your workplace.  Someone’s criminal record may be as harmless as a minor traffic infraction; however you need to know if someone has a history of violent crime or felony convictions.   What would you do if you found out someone you trust has a history of drugs, assault, or identity theft? Wouldn’t you want to know if they were involved with the police or law-enforcement for any reason?   Even non-violent crime such as property crime and white-collar crime may pose a significant threat. Previous crimes and criminal records could be a sign of future crimes and criminal offences.  The most current background check data is vital because you need to be aware of any past crimes or criminal charges as well as any pending charges. Be sure to check convictions on anyone who wants your trust. Close examination of a criminal record certificate or a certificate of good conduct should be crossed-referenced with a criminal record background check to ensure complete protection of people and property.

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