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Searching for public records in Australia varies from being  an easy task to an arduous one. It really just depends on what type of public  record you are searching for. If you are searching for the public record of  someone’s address then that is likely to be a very easy thing to find. On the  other hand, if you are looking for the public records of the same person’s birth  then you may have a significant challenge on our hands. Regardless of which  public record you are searching for, the internet has made things incredibly  more streamlined and faster. Fifteen years ago many people would have hired a  private investigator for something that they can now accomplish on their own  today using the internet. Nearly every record type available has some records  within that type that are accessible to the public and therefore considered  public records. Some of the most common record types are marriage records,  divorce records, birth records, death records, people search records, land  records, business records, property records, and of course criminal records.  There are also many records within these record types that are not public.  Whatever record which is not deemed public information is usually categorized  this way for the protection of the individual to whom the record belongs. Free  public records access on the internet is a great thing, but we as individuals  also need our privacy. The harder you look for records online and off, the more  likely you are to find them. Many times, you will be emailing and snail mailing  people to request records, especially if you want them for free. If you are  willing to pay for your  ”free” public  records then accessing the records will become a lot easier for you because  someone else will be searching for the public records.

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