I Need to Confirm if Someone Was in Prison in Australia

Public records include prison records, criminal records, marriage records and birth records. The government maintains the public records. Each and every government maintains public records. But getting hold of the public record is not an easy task. That too prison records are mostly classified information. Obviously you can’t get to those records easily. Finding prison records be it in any country is a tedious job. You have to get permission from various government departments. It requires a lot of time and travel to finally get hold of the prison records.

But finding prison records in Australia has been made easy because of their carefully framed rules and regulations that govern their government departments. There is strict procedure involved. Once you get into it then getting hold of prison records is easy. The public records of Australia have an archive of 100 years of records. So you can search back to decades back of record. The easiest way to find the prison record is to get online help. You could approach the national archives website of Australia and then search for the prison records about the particular person you are interested in. There are other private websites that provide such information too. But these private websites demand financial funding’s to provide you with the details. Never the less private sources provide with accurate and complete prison records about the person you are looking for.

Of course you could directly approach the public records department of the Australian government. You must file a request seeking the prison records about the person, and then the public records department makes few verification procedures like checking out your citizenship, your intention behind searching for those prison records and few other details about you. Once they find no harm in providing you with the prison records they then direct you to the crime branch or the police department. You just have to get a formal approval from them granting the public records to provide you with the information. Once all this is done then the public records department provides you with the required information.

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