How to Know if Someone from Australia Spent Time in Jail

Finding jail records is not an easy task. The jail records are maintained by the police and crime department with extreme secrecy. But still you might need to know the jail record of some person in particular. The reason why the police and crime department maintain the jail records with extreme secrecy is, just in case they reach the wrong hands like terrorist then the aftermath is unbelievable. To avoid such mishap the government enforces the departments to maintain extreme secrecy. This is the case in most countries, thus making it too hard to get the jail records.

But finding jail records in Australia isn’t that hard. The government of Australia has well designed government so that even the public can know the basic details and minimal jail records too. The government of Australia feels that it is the right of the citizens of Australia to know such details. In order to know first you have to file a request for knowing the jail records to the police department. The police department forwards your request to the public records department. The public records department verifies your identity and finds that your intention behind seeking the jail records is harmless, legal and lawful. Then the public records department approves your request and with the permission of the police department provides you with the jail records that you are looking for.

Another easy way is looking into the official National Archives website of Australia. There they have a separate link for jail record besides prison records, marriage records, divorce records, birth records etc. But the website provides you with only minimal information. This is because even when the website is hacked you get only minimal information. This is the drawback of official website. But if you need only the basic details then it is a good choice.

But in case you need to know the complete jail records you could approach some private source in addition to the help from police department. Thus the jail records can be obtained from one of the above methods.

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