How Can I Find a Police Record in Australia

National Police checks by Australian Federal Police can be provided for the residents of Jervis Bay territory, Australian capital territory. The checks are also provided for overseas employment, overseas adoption, Australian immigration purposes, visa applications.

Australia police check search includes the following procedures:-

1.Fingerprint check-

If there is a regulatory or legal requirement then only fingerprint check is conducted. The fingerprint is then checked with the database records and this requires an additional time for processing. This may require an additional cost. The applicant should collect the finger prints from the local jurisdiction and submit the application form along with the finger print.

2.Application completion guide-

There are two ways for the submission of the application

# Online.
# The form can be downloaded and can be filled then printed and can be submitted by post.

Before submitting the application form of Australia police check search,the applicant must fulfill the following requirements or else the submitted form will be rejected:-

1.The name of the applicant and the date of birth should be clearly mentioned.

2.The full payment should accompany the application.The payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard or American Express and by bank cheques but personal or company’s cheque and cash is not acceptable.

3.Copies of identification should be provided but do not send original identification certificates.

4.Make sure that all the identification copies, documents are submitted properly along with the signed parental consent letter if the applicant is under 18.

3.Submitting Your Application-

Online application:-

This process enables one to submit complete application electronically and this requires the applicant to provide an email address,the payment is made through credit cards.The required documents in this case needs to be scanned and then submitted.

Downloadable application:-

If this process is chosen then the applicant must send all the required documents for Australia police check search along with the payment to the following address-

Australian Federal Police,
Criminal Records
Locked Bag 8550


The fees for Australia Police check and related services are:-

• $42.00 for each Australia police check application from an individual or government department.

• $42.00 for each Australia police check application from a non government department or organization.

• $139.00 for each fingerprint application and it’s processing by Australian Federal Police.

• $99.00 for supplying the fingerprint application to the Australian Federal Police.

5.Processing time-

The processing time for the Australia police check is 15 working days from the time of its receiving the application.

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