Finding a Criminal Conviction in Australia

If you are looking for information on a crime that occurred in Australia, you should search the court records database. When you are searching for the crime and conviction in question, you will need to know and understand what you are searching for. It starts with learning where the crime took place. For instance, if the case was tried in Melbourne, you should look up the Melbourne court system. When searching for this crime, you should follow the site and also understand what type of crime it was. For instance, if it was a financial crime, it is a big difference that and a sex crime, or a violent crime.

No matter what type of crime a person committed, you will find it in a database. If you want more in depth records, you might have to show up to the court house in person, or perform a records request. The reason for this is that even though the online search discusses information on the case, it does not include every document and transcripts of every piece of testimony that were recorded. If you want in depth information, you should show up in person and speak to the clerk’s office.

When you speak to the clerk, they will point you in the right direction of the records and will allow you to browse them. In person, you can either browse through the records on your own accord, or make copies and take them home with you. You will have to pay for your own copies, but the clerk must provide them to you when requested, because the courts are open to the public. However, if you just need to learn basic information about the charges and conviction, you should do a search online.

By doing an online search, you are able to type in a person’s name, first and last, and you will be able to pull what happened in court. They will list “guilty,” “not guilty” and other outcomes of the case, including plea agreements. No matter what type of charge do place, you can find out this information online with a little bit of ingenuity and information on the case. When this is what are looking for, make sure that you search the correct avenues in order to find them. People looking to find the best records will be able to and will be informed with information on the case.

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