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Sentencing is what happens in a court after a person has been found guilty of a crime. The local judge or magistrate that is hearing the case is responsible for determining the most appropriate penalty to be given to the person convicted of the crime. The sentencing guidelines used by the judge depends on the region of Australia that the crime took place and the nature of the crime itself. A drunk driving sentence, for example, may be require a different sentencing guideline depending on where in Australia that the crime occurred. While the judge or magistrate determines the sentence given, he or she then has little or limited control thereafter because the criminal is then the responsibility of the executive branch of government rather than the judicial.

The Australian government’s sense of the severity of a crime determines its punishment and the criminal sentencing guidelines which are to be used to determine at the sentencing hearing. Life in prison is given to persons convicted of murder or treason while rape or child molestation carries a 25 year maximum. Drug possession, on the other hand, carries a maximum sentence of 1 year.

Mandatory sentencing procedures are carried out in Australia for any individuals convicted of a crime. Federal sentencing guidelines require that punishment is given out to criminals following their conviction. Juvenile sentencing procedures are some of the most complex and in these cases much is left to the discretion of the individuals involved in the case.

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