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For citizens of Australia, court records are in the public domain and are therefore free to search for and access. However, just because Australian court records are free doesn’t mean it won’t take you a significant amount of time retrieving them. Whether you’re looking for court records in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, or anywhere else in the country, you will likely have to work for your free court records. The amount of work you will have to do to attain the free court records varies quite a bit case by case, but in almost every case you will need to write to a government agency to request the court records. On the other hand, there are many paid services that will do the work for you and help you get your free court records for a small fee.

Detailed histories are kept up in any modern day court room which makes obtaining court records a less daunting project. Moving forward it is likely that this trend will continue with court records becoming more and more available online which will drastically reduce the time that you will need to wait to obtain your court records.

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