Australia Birth Records

Searching for birth records in Australia is a labor intensive project. Obviously, the more you know about the particular birth, the easier it will be to find the birth records. If you know, for example, which hospital that the birth took place then it makes a lot more sense to contact that hospital first when searching for birth records. If you know an area that a person was born in, then you may want to check all local area hospitals for the birth records. On the other hand, if you know nothing about where a person was born and you’re looking for birth records then you’re best option is to start looking online. BDM exchanges are common in Australia and that is probably your best option for locating public birth records. If the person who’s birth records you’re searching for has already passed away then you may be able to find some information through an obituary. Another place to look may be for relatives of the person. If possible, speaking to relatives can help you to find the location of birth and then you can contact the hospital where the birth took place in order to locate birth records.


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