Criminal Records and Public Criminal Records Bureau Information

Accessing criminal records in Australia can be done through several online and offline options. The offline options for searching criminal records in Australia typically involve a lot of patience since it usually involves writing letters and waiting for responses. For federal and civil cases there are several government agencies in Australia that can be used to access Australia criminal records. Typically, the government agencies you need to contact are courts of law based in the city where the crime took place. The online option for accessing criminal records is much faster, and cheaper than the offline option in some cases, but the offline option is sometimes more accurate. However, when evaluating which method to use it is recommended to use the online option because it is very accurate, cheap, and quick.
The Australian criminal justice system that ultimately governs criminal background check information procedures is derived from the United Kingdom. As in the UK, Australian law is determined by parliament made law and common law. Since 1963, Australian courts have stopped regarding English decisions as superior or equal in authority to those made in Australian courts. The legal system in Australia as with the UK places a high value on the presumption of innocence.
Anyone in Australia with a criminal record most likely has a police certification on file. A police certificate contains a certification that the person to whom it relates has a disclosable conviction that is detailed in the enclosed certificate. In order for a criminal record to be disclosable, the court must determine the crime involved qualifies under a series of decisions made in the court system. Any search for criminal records in Australia involves a search of a police certification of the individual who committed the crime.
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